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Criteria for inclusion

Eligibility Criteria

Subsidy scales


How can I join?

In order to be able to join the ExoEconomy 2023 or ExoEconomy-Renovate for young people, it is mandatory to send specific supporting documents and to upgrade at least three energy categories in order to ensure primary energy savings of more than 30%.

Save money - Renovate for young people

Applications have already started and Technimon is here to provide any assistance at all stages of project completion.

Guide - Supporting documents

Read here in detail the FEK

See here the required documents

Get an instant grant for work that will improve your quality of life, improve your family's daily routine and help save energy.

And all this without having the required capital.

Correlate it with the subsidy for residential photovoltaics!

A unique circumstance - A great opportunity!

What work is subsidised?

Ceiling insulation


The insulation or damp-proofing of any surface of the roof exposed to the air may be subsidised.

Wall insulation


The insulation of any external surface of the house can be subsidised or internal insulation can be installed. The subsidy also covers parallel works such as scaffolding, etc.

Placement of Solar Water Heater


The installation of a new solar water heater to meet hot water needs can be subsidised.

Heating & Cooling Systems Upgrade


The installation of new heating/cooling systems or upgrading of the existing installation can be subsidised.

Replacement of Frames


The replacement of old frames and the installation of new ones made of aluminium or pvc can be subsidised. The subsidy also includes the cost of blinds/shutters.

Positioning of Shading Systems - Awnings


The installation of new shading systems and awnings can be subsidised, provided that the replacement of windows or masonry insulation has been selected.

Which homes are eligible for the schemes?

Any apartment, apartment building or detached house can join the programme as long as it meets the following requirements:

  • Used as main residence, as shown in the E1 and are owner-occupied
  • It has not been declared demolishable
  • Exists lawfully
  • It has been classified on the basis of Energy Performance Certificate (PEA), which has been issued after 26/11/2017 in a category lower than or equal to C
  • The interventions according to the PEA issued before and after their implementation should lead to the an improvement in ranking of at least 3 grades.

What are the subsidy scales?


Personal income

Family income



up to 5.000€

up to 10.000€



5.000€ - 10.000€

10.000€ - 20.000€



10.000€ - 20.000€

20.000€ - 30.000€



20.000€ - 30.000€

30.000€ - 50.000€


What are the grading criteria?

Award criterion

Percentage of participation in the final score

Total energy saving costs


Income / Family member


Heating degree days


Single Parent Family


Large families


People with Disabilities


Existing Energy Class


Age of Construction


The percentage of the project cost that will not be covered by the grant can be included in a 100% interest-free loan or covered by the private party.

What are the steps in the process?

If you are interested in joining the ExoEconomy 2023 or the Renovate for new ones, please contact Technimon to inform you and start the process immediately. As always we provide you with a free of charge Self Inspection, Study & Proposed Interventions, Compliance Process.

Detailed Steps of the Process

  • Check Supporting documents and inform you about eligibility
  • Version of the First Energy Certificate & electronic identity card for the property
  • Submitting your application to the programme's information system during the period when it is open for new applications
  • After submitting your application we direct for the work energy upgrading and we undertake, if you wish, with our own crews to implement them
  • Version of the second Energy Performance Certificate
  • We submit the necessary documents to the system to complete your application

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