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Today the sun can cover the costs of electricity, heating and cooling, cars and transport!

Τεχνήμων’ meets the needs of consumers to reduce or eliminate major costs of modern life by actively participating in the protection of the environment.

With the systems of photovoltaic technology which are safe, durable and highly cost-effective.

PV Systems:

  • Net Metering/Electricity Storage
    • Κοινωφελείς οργανώσεις τοπικής αυτοδιοίκησης
    • Νομικά πρόσωπα του δημοσίου με κοινοφελή χαρακτήρα (εκκλησίες,μοναστήρια,κόμματα)
  • Sale of electricity
    • For investors
  • Autonomous systems
    • For areas with no or saturated electricity network

We support our customers with:

  • Specialised Services
    • Economical, Licensing, Installation, Construction
  • Maintenance Services of Photovoltaic Installations
    • Damages, Washing, Performance Check and preventive service
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A point of high running costs for households is their heating.

Heat pumps are mechanical devices that multiply the electricity they consume for their operation. This is done by absorbing energy from the environment and transferring it to a water circuit which transfers it to the heating system (radiators, underfloor heating, etc.).

All the heating methods currently in use utilise a percentage of the heat capacity of the fossil or solid fuels they consume. This percentage results from the heat losses of the appliances during combustion, so that a fraction of the total energy is transferred to the water in the heating circuit. So while the energy converted to thermal energy is under-multiplied, in the pump the electrical energy is multiplied many times over as it is converted to thermal energy by pumping energy from the environment, no matter how cold it is!

Contact us to help you create an environment of thermal comfort using the leading technology of heat pumps, the most economical heating method available! In fact, with a photovoltaic system, heating will end up costing you.... 0!

"Exoikonomo" Program

Reducing the energy we need for lighting, heating-cooling, hot water and many other uses is the necessary first step, followed by investing in renewable energy production.

Energy saving in businesses is a one-way street for their survival and contributes significantly to their competitive advantage.

The approach and the hierarchy of steps required for the integrated intervention of saving and producing energy from Renewable Sources is not a simple and easy process.

We have the expertise and experience to support savings actions, implementing complete 'energy renovation' projects or more individual projects.


Residence / Businesses

  • How many times in one's life does one build - renovate one's house, office, shop?
  • How much value do the place where we live and the place where we work have?
  • Our home

It houses needs, dreams, family.
Παρέχει ασφάλεια, λειτουργίες, αισθητική
Μας ξεκουράζει, μας χαρακτηρίζει και μας εκπροσωπεί!

  • Business headquarters...

Παρέχει τα μέσα για την επιτυχή διαβίωσή μας.
It is where we strive to secure our lives and the lives of our loved ones, it is where we socialize.
Like the house - but in a complementary way it characterizes us, distinguishes us, symbolizes our values and our professionalism.
We fully realize the immense importance for each of us of our personal and professional home!
The places where it exists and lives!

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From the first day of operation of the company we realized the value of and the enormous importance

that each person gives to projects that he will only realize a few times in his life!

For the places where it exists and lives!

In 1992 we changed the situation in the field of civil engineering.

Today, more than 30+ years later, we continue to innovate in the areas of

Photovoltaic SystemsEnergy SavingRenovations

See below some of our selected works.

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